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Carmel Climate Action Plan

This Climate Action Plan (CAP) will serve as Carmel’s guide towards achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Total GHG emissions

The best-case-scenario emissions goal is 5,273 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (MT CO2e) by the year 2050.

The goal for 2035 is calculated based on a 45% reduction from the 2015 total community GHG emissions (according to the Paris Agreement 2015).

On the year 2015 Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Community) was 1263 thousand MT/yr.. Latest observed value in 2018 was 1260 thousand MT/yr.. The goal for the year 2035 is 694.5 thousand MT/yr.. Since 2015 reduction is 3.0 thousand MT/yr.. 565.5 thousand MT/yr. still needs to be reduced before the year 2035.1,263 thousand MT/yr.1,260 thousand MT/yr.Left to reduce565.5 thousand MT/yr.694.5 thousand MT/yr.Goal201520182035
Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Community)